Friday, May 30, 2008

Fabric Scrap Swap

A week or so I signed up for a fabric scrap swap at Itchin 2 B Stitchin. It was fun to choose some pieces that I thought other people would like. Some of them are pieces that I've kept for a while, thinking that I'd use them SOMETIME and just haven't. But I thought they had potential, so I'm sending the challenge on to others. Some pieces are leftovers from past projects, and some of them I just cut off of really large yardage that I have (from the other people's stash thinning.) Here they are:


Linda Liebhardt said...

I recognize some of those! Yea! I hope they find good homes. I hear my sister-in-law is going to do a thinning of her HUGE stash. Interested? I'm dying to go through it. I wonder if we could do a day trip with or without some kids. . .with gas prices, would it be worth it???

QuirkyKim said...

And guess who the recipient is!? ME! Me! ME! I'm QuirkyKim, Alisa. I want to thank you so much for the wonderful fabric stash that you have posted here. I got the package last week, but i'm in the middle of two bath tile remodels and had several jobs pop up, too. So, here I am, thanking you for sending it all. I also love the trims you sent. I posted pics on my own blog. I also let Tracey know I received your package. Thank you for being such a good swap partner! QuirkyKim

Anonymous said...

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