Friday, June 06, 2008

Total Package

Total Package
Originally uploaded by The Anchovy.
I made this package as a birthday gift for our 5 year old neighbor. It is a tote bag with her initials, a pencil roll, and a small zipper pouch holding a sharpener and an eraser. Inside the tote is a nice pad of drawing paper.

The floral fabric is a nice heavy thrifted sheet. The red is a thick chunky woven fabric of some kind ( I need to learn fabric names.)

Lately I've been giving tutus and fairy wands and crowns as birthday gifts but I thought this girl in particular might have enough of that type of thing. So I made her a little art bag instead. I got the idea for Amanda Blake Soule's book, The Creative Family.

You can see the inside of the pencil roll here.


Almostgreat said...

Is this some of the same floral fabric you were telling me about the other day on the phone? It didn't even occur to me to think cool retro floral print... I was invisioning horrible 80's gag me floral, esspecially when you said it was an old sheet!! LOL This is way cooler!!

Dany said...

you might enjoy this blog...

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