Sunday, January 06, 2008

Happy Anniversary!

Todd and I are celebrating our 7th anniversary today. And of course, it's been just like any other day. One year I'm sure we'll have the time and money to do something special (more than just dinner at Chili's) but this is not the year. The timing is kind of tough. It's right after Christmas so the money is all spent, and it's right before we go back to work (school starts TOMMORROW! What?!)

I told Zoë that I was going to post about Todd and she said, "You mean about how great he is?" Exactly. He is great. He's the greatest. This picture is an outtake from our wedding announcement photo shoot.

I can't express to you how amazing my husband is. He's smart, so smart. He's funny. He's creative. He's talented. And above all, he loves learning. There's never a time that he's not exploring something new, from photography to computer programming to playing the ukelele. He's just the best.

Also he helps me in so many was. For example for work he helped me make a DVD that plays images of Utah landscapes in a loop (as inspiration for my students as they worked on their projects). He taught me how to put art images onto my iPod so I can show them in the classroom over the TV. And tonight he helped me extract a two minute clip from a podcast that I'll play in class tomorrow. People think I'm so technically savy but really it's all him.

And he's about the best dad a kid could have, really. I could go on and on about this. But I'll just say that my kids love their dad and they are lucky to have a father who has given up so much of his professional and creative time to spend with them every single day.

I love Todd more and more every day and I still can't believe that I found such an amazing person. He really is unlike any other person I've ever met.

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