Wednesday, November 15, 2006

An US Project

I love projects. Oh, I love projects. And as I mentioned before, so does Zoë. We are project people. We're makers.

Lately I've been trying to think of good projects that Zoë and I can do together. But mostly when I plan something, it doesn't work. It's too difficult for her, or it's not really interesting enough, or most often she has different plans for the supplies than I do. We don't see eye to eye on what the finished project should be or what steps we should take to reach that finished project.

I'm trying to be okay with this. I know it means that she's a creative person and that she's got her own plans and ideas (at age four.) These traits will be very useful to her as she grows into a woman. But for now, it can be pretty frustrating.

Today I had big plans for an US project. But it turned into a ME project, unfortunately. It was probably just boring, I guess. Instead of working together, Zoë tore up clumps of fake snow (batting) and scattered them all over the house "decorating." Um, cool.

So after I finished the ME project (and cleaned up the "decorations") I found a good US project:

No one had a problem with this project. Notice Mr. Snatchy Hand in the background. Oh, and those are sprinkles in her teeth, not disgusting cavities.


jemima bean said...

Yummy cakes :D Great blog! LOVE the bags...very cute.


kirsten said...

you know, maybe she'd like just playing/stapling/gluing/stitching scraps while you sew? or sorting through buttons?

太子 said...

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