Monday, November 13, 2006


I have entertained the idea of making and selling handbags for a long time. But it seems like EVERYONE sells bags, you know? Etsy has something like 16 billion items in the purse category. So instead of selling them, I make bags for myself and for my daughter (she now has more than she'll ever need.) And that's about it

But out of the blue last week a coworker of mine asked if she could order 4 clutches to give as Chrismas gifts. Then over the weekend, a coworker of Todd's stopped by to order "a few" bags. She left an hour later with an order for 12, and the promise of more orders before Christmas. Wow.

So it looks as though I've started selling handbags. I've never done production sewing and I am a little overwhelmed, but also really excited. I cut out 8 bags this morning and it didn't take nearly as long as I thought it would. It was actually even pretty fun (and it's the part that I normally just hate. Now I just have the fun part ahead of me--the sewing and embellishing.

Todd's going out of town for a week and I can see myself up late every night sewing. I can't wait! I'll post a picture of some finished bags once I get a few finished. Hooray!

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