Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Mini Swap

I joined the miniswap over at MommyCoddle. This is my first ever swap and I was pretty excited and nervous about it. I am partnered with the fabulous Kirsten. It was so funny because we both live in the same state and it looks like we have a LOT in common. Like we went to the same school, same major, same professors, and many many shared interests. It was so cool to meet someone that I have so much in common with--that I never would have met without the swap.

Her kids were really easy to plan for. In fact, I had to totally restrain myself because I think I had too many ideas. Here's what I sent:

For 21 month old Monkey: Fabric balls with embroidered letters on them--I got the idea here and the pattern here.

For 4 year old Thomas who loves all things with wheels, I made a car playmat. It was influenced by one my mom made for my brother about 20 years ago. I just drew on canvas with crayons and permanent markers then iron and dried it on hot to set the wax. I bound it with bias tape and steam a seam. Easy peasy no sew project.

For 6 year old Princess who loves pink (and purple) and projects, I made a quilted sketchbook similar to these and a coordinating clutch similar to the ones I made at Christmastime.

I also included some mix cds of kids' music, a flower brooch, a lavender eye pillow and a collage kit (i.e. lots of scraps of paper.)

This swap was so much fun to do. I really loved making for someone else's children. I can't wait to mini swap again.

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kirsten said...

seriously, you spoiled us rotten. you do amazing work.
the best part was meeting you!