Thursday, April 29, 2004

Time for a Change

This is the last day of class. That means gearing up for finals, pushing through them, then going home for the summer. The last day of class always feels so big and open. It's standing on the edge of a big big change. New daily routine, more free time. I always love the last day of class.

But I am not a student.

I don't have any big projects due. No finals. My work schedule will not change. But I still have that big open feeling. And I have it at the end of every semester.

I work at a university library and my husband is a professor. So although my schedule won't change, his will. And the pattern and routines of people all around me will change. So it will feel like I am changing. Which is wonderful. I love when things change. I get bogged down when I'm stuck in the same routine for too long. And I like rearranging the furniture.

On the other hand, I need some stability. I can't move every 4 months. It takes me a really long time to get reorganized when something major shifts in my life.

So I think I found the perfect situation for myself. I am surrounded by good change every couple of months but I don't have to actually pick up my stuff and move. I get my change fix, I guess. Without any real effort or discomfort on my part. Cool.


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